Borderlands 2 max inventory slots

borderlands 2 max inventory slots

The original total maximum inventory slots is 57 on the game disc alone, but with Playthrough 2 has not yet been seen to reward another backpack upgrade. Borderlands 2 | How To Get Infinite Inventory Slots. XClan . I have over I just do digi peak on normal. Designers felt that the number of backpack slots in Borderlands 1 made it a new way to increase the cap of the backpack space on Borderlands 2, the number for both back pack and bank inventory space stems from trying.


Borderlands 2: Carry 47 Items in Inventory/Backpack (Tutorial) borderlands 2 max inventory slots

Borderlands 2 max inventory slots - Sie Slots

In order to breathe new life into the game, I believe that they should have been increasing the level cap with the introduction of each new piece of DLC. These SDUs are purchased from Ammo Vendors and have quality levels that increase in the same manner as weapon quality, indicated by colour. Some kinds of SDUs are automatically applied to a character upon receiving them, requiring no player interaction. By having a full backpack or even overloaded by mission rewards the chances of getting the backpack SDU seems to be higher but this still hasn't been proven properly so you don't have to do it. Oddplume Oddplume 4 years ago 2 It's a crap system, I know. I have inventory space of 60, and I have 68 items in it from completing various missionsand it STILL won't drop the SDU. Sign up for free! Sep 24, 9. If your new to the game, play as the siren since it is the easiest in my opinion to play and very helpful. It seems that there is a level cap for the slots, i can't go hight than 39 slots

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